Tszyu vs Inoue Fight

Tszyu Spark Fight: Liam Wilson’s incredible sacrifice to fight on July 7 card

Liam Wilson is missing his daughter’s third birthday to fight on July 7, and risks missing her party if he’s forced to quarantine in Queensland following his July 7 fight with Joe Noynay in Newcastle.

The rising 25-year-old super featherweight contender knew the risks, but this week, he got on a plane and travelled to Steel City anyway.

“And they might not be able to come down, but I knew the risk coming down here.

“Whether my trainers came with me or not, I’m here to fight. I love this shit. I wasn’t worried about travelling at all. I couldn’t give a shit, I’m just here to fight.

“We are fighters. We are fighters and we’ll fight anywhere.”

Family is everything for Wilson.

He fights for his dad, who passed away when Liam was just 15, and he fights for his two kids – Charlotte and Maverick.

“This is everything, but the worst bit is I won’t be able to bring them in there with me physically,” he said.

“My little kids usually jump in the ring with me afterwards, but with COVID lockdowns over the next three days, they may not be able to.

“This is all part of it. I’m so ready for it – I love it.”

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